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Branded Lanyards for the Film and TV Industry

Branded Lanyards for the Film and TV Industry

Introduction to Using Branded Lanyards for the Film and TV Industry

The film and television industries are large and include anything ranging from blockbuster movies to regional productions like ITV that are aired on YouTube. Small or big production businesses often employ various people, involving actors or presenters, producers of the show, and support casts.
Lanyards are frequently used to carry ID and key access to ensure everyone’s safety on-site and to restrict access to just the right people.
In the UK, branded lanyards are essential for film and television productions. They are used to identify and set apart different cast members, crew personnel, and extras from one another. In addition to functioning as identification, branded lanyards can promote various brands and companies associated with manufacturing. This article will examine the value of branded lanyards in the UK media and film industries and how production firms employ various brands on location.

4 Uses of Branded Lanyards for the Film and TV Industry

1. Branded Lanyards to advertise businesses & brands

Branded lanyards can help advertise several businesses and brands connected to the company or production. For instance, a movie studio may collaborate with a specific camera or lighting gear manufacturer and utilise lanyards imprinted with its logo to advertise its goods.

Similarly, a movie studio may collaborate with a fashion or accessory company and utilise lanyards with its emblem to market its goods. In these situations, the lanyards serve as a marketing tool in addition to being used for identification.

2. Lanyards help to identify production team members

Branded lanyards may also be helpful in distinguishing different production team members from one another. To make themselves more visible to staff workers and other actors, performers could wear lanyards with their names and pictures. Crew members may wear lanyards with their job titles, such as “videographer” or “grip,” to make it easier for people to recognise their position in the production. To aid the production staff in keeping track of the extras while filming, they could also wear lanyards featuring their names and pictures on them. In the movie and television industries, lanyards assist crew personnel to swiftly enter locations and carry vital objects, such as a pen for taking notes. Because the business is incredibly fast-paced and the crew needs to adjust to the demands to ensure work is on track, it is convenient to have products close at hand.

Branded Lanyards for the Film and TV Industry

3. Branded Lanyards are affordable and simple to use

Generally, lanyards are very affordable and easy-to-use accessories. in addition to this, they can be manufactured in large quantities without hassles. They can reach a vast audience and are the perfect business promotional tools.

Branded lanyards are also a cost-effective investment for movie studios since they may be helpful overtime for other movie productions. What’s there not to love about them?

4. Lanyards establish a certain style or vibe

Another reason why film studios could utilise several brands on-site is to establish a certain style or vibe. For instance, vintage clothes and accessories, such as lanyards with antique logos and patterns, may be used in a performance that is set in a particular era. Similarly, lanyards with high-tech graphics or logos may be used in futuristic or sci-fi films to evoke a future ambience.

Lastly, film studios may employ multiple trademarks on the set just because doing so is mandated by their contracts or agreements with other businesses. For instance, if you want to finance or other help from particular firms, you might have to employ their products or equipment in your operations. In these situations, using branded lanyards is only a means of carrying out those contractual commitments.

Branded lanyards are a need for UK film and television productions. They can contribute to creating a particular aesthetic or mood on set and are used for identification and advertising. Film or production studios may employ several brands on set for several reasons, including advertising, logics, and contractual duties. Whatever the motivation, customised lanyards are a crucial tool for film studios seeking to create an effective and memorable production.

Concluding Thoughts: Using Lanyards for Film and TV Production Industry

As anyone would imagine, creating any film, television show, or other media will engage many individuals. These can include:

• Actors
• Supplementary casts
• Visitors/Contractors

Actors are the highlight of the production. Even though they may be well-known for starring in other blockbuster movies, they may still be required to wear a personalised branded lanyard with an Identity card in a production setting. This card might need to be verified inside and outside of the set for security purposes. It may also be useful in calculating individual work hours on set or to ensure their health & safety.

The crew and backstage personnels needed for a TV or movie production, from the videographers, wardrobe, hair, and make-up artists, runners, and other support workers, must wear a lanyard equipped with an identity card holder.

Occasionally, contractors may be needed on a TV or movie set to construct the sets, offer their skills, or even bring in animals or stunt performers. Each contractor would need a lanyard to identify their position. ID cards could also grant entry to some locations and exclusive access to others. Of course, there may also be outside guests, such as students, competition winners, performers’ families or friends, members of the press, etc. These people will require an access pass and “visitor” lanyard as necessary. Hence, branded Lanyards!

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