Company lanyard attachments are the ideal solution for the security conscious business. Whether you are looking for a simple safeguarding solution, or a quick way to identify guests and visitors, make sure that your lanyard system has the right attachments. Ensuring that you include the right mix of PVC wallets, plastic card holders and ski pass reels will result in happy staff and a swift workflow. Our simple guide to picking the right lanyard attachments will help you get it right. Printed lanyard attachments are the ideal fix.

Flexible PVC Badge Holders / Wallets (5)

Rigid Lanyard ID Badge Card Holders (7)

Ski Pass Printed Badge Reels (15)

Start with the range of flexible badge holders for lanyard attachments, UK

Our high-quality range of PVC wallets and badge holders is ideal for a business or event which demands a flexible solution. These are great for protecting name badges in all weathers and include handily-placed holes to fasten them securely. Make sure you take a look at the full range of sizes to ensure that you pick one of the bespoke lanyard attachments that will suit you. The opening has been designed to allow cards to be slipped in and out, and so lends itself to repeated use. The full range includes free delivery options too, so you can order today and have your badges up and running in no time!

Rigid card holders: the durable solution

Printed lanyard attachments are the perfect answer for a business looking for a simple ID card system. The full range of custom lanyard attachments we offer includes rigid cardholders. These are an adaptable set of badge holders that hold key cards and ID documents in either portrait or landscape designs. The great variety of colours available are a cheerful addition to your event, and can be used to organise staff and visitors into different groups. See at a glance which coloured ‘zone’ employees are allowed to enter, and help guide visitors to the right place with this simple to use product. Make sure you check out our free delivery options for this range, to save you money and time!

Using bespoke lanyard attachments and ski pass reels will streamline your workflow

Our range of bespoke lanyard attachments includes ski pass reels in a variety of designs. Whether you are looking for a simple and sturdy ring fastening, or a quickly opened metal stud, this range has something to suit you! They include a strong retractable cord that can be used in any environment and can be attached to clothing, bags or neck-cords. Made from robust plastic, they are ideal for wet weather environments, so can be worn outside, on industrial sites, or simply in the office! With bespoke printed options, you can make sure your company credentials are visible wherever your staff wear them, and the bright colours ensure they are hard to lose! These ski pass reels offer a variety of quick attachment options and will allow employees and guests to make use of their lanyards. Take advantage of our free delivery to ensure you get a quick and cost-effective service!