5 Benefits of Using School Lanyards

5 Benefits of Using School Lanyards

A school lanyard can be a great accessory for your child at school! Why? A lanyard can hold various items including IDs, keys, etc… On top of this, school lanyards can be used as a form of accountability and to remind students to behave accordingly. [NOTE: School lanyards are quite popular among all generations and are considered an essential accessory for student.]
One of the most common items that students might see on their teacher’s desks is a lanyard. These lanyards are often used to attach IDs, keys, and other things while they remain around the neck. However, they can also be used for other purposes such as displaying a student’s name tag or to hold various tools that students may need throughout the school day.
Even before you start getting ready for your first day back at school, there are some reasons why using lanyards in school settings could be beneficial in creating a more positive environment.
Below, we’ll take you through some of the benefits and reasons to use school lanyards

Benefits of Using School Lanyards

1. Identification

The first, and most obvious benefit is the fact that a lanyard, with a customized ID tag attached, can be used for identification.
One point many parents seem to miss is the fact that school lanyards help protect kids in more than one way. They protect students from getting lost in large crowds as well as keeping them out of trouble if they happen to get lost.

2. Security

This is another great use for school lanyards. Parents like this idea because they know that their children are safe and accounted for when they’re on campus.
The problem arises when students must leave their classroom and move from group to group. They may end up losing track of where they are going and simply walk into another classroom or area that isn’t theirs; this is dangerous for both themselves as well as others in the building.
With the help of these lanyards, it’s easier for teachers and staff to keep track of where they went.

3. Helps for Accountability:

If you’re on a set schedule each period, it can easily be hard to tell who is in the room and who isn’t. Using lanyards would make it easier for you to spot where students are and if they are or aren’t in the classroom. This can make it a lot easier for teachers to count how many students are in a specific class as well as help them know how many students may be missing.

4. Give All Staff a Great Way to Stay Organised

Even the teachers can make use of a lanyard! It makes it easier for teachers to stay on task when they’re directing their students and runs the risk of them getting lost or injured without a way to keep track of their location.

5. Instil Some School Dignity Through Customisation:

Lanyards are a great way to show off your school pride. Every year, you can change the ID tag to reflect the new school year! You can also have lanyards that match your school’s colours and make them available for sale as an incentive for kids who make the honour roll, or otherwise.

5 Benefits of Using School Lanyards

Why Lanyards?

Here are a couple of reasons why schools should adopt them:
• They are Handy:
A lanyard is an item that can be used on a daily basis. They are easy to get on and off – thus, making them a smart choice for kids who are heading to after-school activities. Lanyards can be used as id holders, key holders, name tags or even just fashion accessories.

• Attractive:
A school lanyard serves as a stylish way to keep your school ID, keys and other important items safe and in place. Many schools are looking for ways to show a sense of school spirit and the best way they can do this is with customised lanyards. These stylish accessories come in all shapes and sizes, so both boys and girls will feel comfortable wearing them.

• Multifunctional:
A school lanyard is a kind of accessory that can have various uses. It can be used as an ID holder and to hold keys or other items while they remain on the neck at all times. You can also choose a lanyard with lots of colour choices and specific school symbols on it, which will make it even more attractive and appealing to students.

• Can be customised:
A school lanyard is ideal for parents who want to let their kids express their own individuality and be proud of the fact that they go to one of the best schools in the area.

• Affordable:
A school lanyard can be made with very little expense, which means that all schools can use them. You can place an order for customised lanyards at any time and you won’t have to worry about how much extra spending you need to do.

Factors to Consider When Getting School Lanyards:

1. Size: The most important thing to consider is that your students must be able to reach the ID tag easily and consistently.
2. Style: There are several styles for school lanyards available for purchase today.
3. Price: As with anything else, when you want something more unique, expect to pay more for it! A price range for school lanyards is between $2 and $12+, depending on the item itself.
5. Quality: Unlike many cheaper alternatives out there, school lanyards are incredibly durable and strong, securing all the items you need to keep them safe and sound in one place without any hassles or losses on their parts.


As you can see, school lanyards are an incredibly handy tool that will help keep your children safe and keep them accountable for their actions. They can also be used by teachers to hold ID tags and keys as well, making it easier to remember where they placed important items or tools. This can help students stay safe and secure at all times!