Are lanyards dangerous?


Lanyards have become a lot more common in recent years, with charitable organisations, businesses and educational establishments finding themselves using lanyards as a great way of identifying their colleagues and classmates. However, some may be concerned about the potential health risks of using lanyards. Here is exactly why lanyards are perfectly safe, and can even be beneficial to the safety of those who wear them.

safety-breakSafety breaks

Safety breaks are what prevents lanyards from being a danger to those that wear them. The majority of perceived health threats come from the idea that if a lanyard was to become tangled, wearers could end up with a very tight piece of material around their necks. However, this risk of strangulation is removed, as Just Lanyards uses a safety break on every lanyard produced, from plain lanyards to custom lanyards.

This mechanism means that if enough pressure is placed on the fastener, the connection will break open and ultimately release all of the pressure that might have been on the airway of the wearer. Whilst a poorly designed lanyard could cause issues, going to Just Lanyards ensures that any danger caused by strangulation is eliminated, leaving your lanyard safe to wear.

They help to identify strangers

If you’re working within a school or a workplace that requires a high level of security, lanyards can be the difference between secure premises and a major security incident. For example, in a sixth form college that doesn’t need students to be in uniform, making lanyards mandatory can ensure that any suspicious individuals trying to gain access to the premises will be noticed by their lack of lanyard.

The same applies to highly secure workplaces where photo ID is needed. The best place to keep it is on a lanyard so people can be quickly identified. Rather than being a danger, lanyards can actually make people much more secure.

Ultimately, whilst some may worry about lanyards being a risk to health, they need not be afraid, and should, in fact, embrace lanyards. If you think branded lanyards will be a way to keep your organisation safe and secure, get in touch today.