What are lanyards good for?

Emergency Lanyards

At Just Lanyards, we’re proud to offer a wide range of lanyards, suitable for a number of different purposes. At their basic level, a lanyard is used for comfortably and securely carrying identification, passes, and badges around a wearer’s neck. They’re convenient and mean lost passes become a thing of the past.

nhsMedical and emergency services

Lanyards are commonly used in all manner of health services, care facilities, and emergency services. At Just Lanyards, we even stock pre-printed lanyards with “NHS” and “First Aid” on them for such a purpose. They mean that identification and security clearance can be carried hands-free – this is particularly useful for doctors, nurses, paramedics, firefighters, and other hands-on workers.

Commercial and education sectors

Lanyards are also popular in educational institutions such as schools, colleges, and universities, as they provide a convenient way for staff, students and faculty members to carry their identification. Similarly in private companies, employees can carry their identification, as can security, and special day passes can be handed out to visitors to the premises, then conveniently retrieved when they leave.

Leisure and domestic activities

Lanyards can be used in all manner of activities, particularly if the outdoors are involved. Camping trips, adventure weekends and field trips can all make use of lanyards. As lanyards are adjustable, they can be worn comfortably by adults and children alike, while leaving the hands and pockets free. They can also be used for parties, nights out, and even at fancy dress/themed events.

Customised or pre-printed?

You have the option available to choose whether you want your lanyards customised or pre-printed. At Just Lanyards, we offer a range of pre-printed lanyards to make bulk buying for emergency and security services as easy as possible. They’ve been designed to be clear, comfortable, and visible.

If you want to encourage your own creativity a little more, however, we have a range of options available to choose from in terms of colour and design.

With Just Lanyards, the ordering process is easy, whether you’re ordering pre-printed lanyards or designing your own.