University Lanyards

University Lanyards

Lanyards are an important addition to any university setting. They help to make life easier for students and staff, fulfilling a range of functions. As well as being suitable for identification purposes, university lanyards can be used for security and access, as well as making payments. Crucially, with a lanyard around your neck, you’re not likely to lose your all-important ID or key card! Here’s why our university lanyards tick all the right boxes.

Personalised options

In a university environment, it’s important to be able to identify students, staff or visitors, so that’s why our personalised options really come in handy. By giving you the opportunity to design your own lanyard online, you can customise each one to define a particular setting, whether that be the university as a whole, each department or an individual class. Even better, when students are given personalised lanyards it makes them feel part of a collective group or team.

Designing your own university lanyards on our website couldn’t be easier. Simply upload your chosen text or logo, and decide which one of the various options suit you best. You can even preview your results beforehand to make sure every aspect meets your needs. However, it’s reassuring to know that should you require any assistance at any time, we are always on hand to help.

Colour choices

Our university lanyards are also available in a great range of colour options. Whether you want a brightly coloured lanyard so it won’t easily get lost, or you prefer a particular colour to match a theme, such as sports group, class or house colour, you’ll be spoiled for choice. Different lanyard colours might also prove handy to differentiate between staff, students and visitors.

As well as various colour choices, we also provide different materials to further enhance your options.

High quality

universityStudents lead busy and active lives, so having a lanyard that is robust, secure and sturdy is crucial. It’s reassuring to know that our university lanyards are made from high-quality materials and components that ensure longevity and safety. We also supply an assortment of lanyard attachments, which are equally designed to offer excellent durability. You can also expect clear, premium-quality printing on your lanyard so that logos and text are highly visible and of a superior standard.

Indeed, with lanyards consistently being on show, if they are personalised with your university logo, they act as ambassadors of your brand. By choosing high-quality lanyards from us, we help to demonstrate that your educational establishment is one that values performance and esteem.

Free UK delivery

There’s a lot to think about and organise at the start of a new university term, so it’s good to know that getting your class lanyards sorted is one task that is a doddle when you choose us. As well as a speedy and efficient ordering service, we even throw in free UK delivery. Staff and students could be making the most of their new lanyards in just a matter of days, thanks to our swift delivery.

Naturally, our university lanyards are also highly affordable, which is a bonus if you’re purchasing large volumes.

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