Company Lanyards and Business Lanyards

Business Company Lanyards

A lanyard is a really important asset for any business. Staff can use them in conjunction with key cards to gain entry to specific areas or make payments in the canteen. They’re also really useful as a means of identification, for both staff and visitors, which makes them a handy security measure.

Personalised company lanyards

When choosing your business lanyards, it’s important to think about how you want them to look, and what purpose you want them to fulfil. Rather than just buying standard lanyards in a single design or colour, why not consider company lanyards that are personalised to your brand?

We can supply business lanyards that let you customise each one to your own specification. By easily uploading text and images on our website you can personalise your own lanyards, with the option to view them before going ahead with printing. By including your company logo, strapline or other mention of your business, your lanyard not only serves a practical purpose but acts as a marketing or promotional material when you’re out and about.

As well as personalising business lanyards with your company branding, you might even want to go one further and create individual lanyards specific to each department in your firm. This is a useful strategy to identify staff and even build cohesion amongst teams.

Quality materials and printing for your business lanyards

corporateOur company lanyards are available in various material types to suit your preferences. Whichever kind you choose, you can be assured of business lanyards that are of exceptional quality. Made from sturdy components that are designed to last, our reliable lanyards and lanyard accessories are ideal for busy employees who don’t want their lanyard to let them down. With an in-built feature that disassembles the lanyard if it gets pulled hard, it’s also reassuring to know that our lanyards have been designed with safety in mind.

If you choose to have your lanyard personalised with your business logo and text, you’ll also be pleased to know that we prioritise the use of premium grade printing. This means your lanyard will look great and can truly reflect the professional nature of your brand!

Great colour choice

As well as having the option to personalise your business lanyards, you can also decide to select from a wide variety of colours. Colours can be chosen to reflect your brand design, or you might want to use different coloured lanyards for various groups within your organisation. By having different coloured lanyards for employees and visitors, for instance, you can help to differentiate who is who in your building.

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Free Delivery UK Delivery

Whether you own a small business or a large enterprise, we can supply all of your company lanyard needs, no matter what your requirements. We have a variety of different packages to choose from, so finding one that best suits your circumstances should be easy. Even better, if you are a UK business, you can enjoy the benefits of free standard delivery when you purchase your lanyards from us.

Get in touch today to see how we can kit your business out with our versatile and superior quality lanyards.