How Much Do Printed Lanyards Cost?


Lanyards are often an unavoidable expense for companies to endure. We use them so frequently and in such a variety of ways that bulk-purchases are a fact of life for most enterprises. Even guests who might only stay inside an office building for a few minutes will often not be permitted to wander freely unless they are wearing some sort of identification hanging from a lanyard on their person. The problem becomes even more of an exacerbation for companies with a high turnover of new employees who will have to provide them with permanent, printed lanyards so that they can go about their daily tasks. To allay the concerns associated with these purchases, we will attempt to break down the average costs associated with printed lanyards.

It can be difficult to determine fixed prices for our lanyards, primarily due to the amount of customisation that comes included with even the simplest product. A good place to start, however, would be with the five core lanyard designs we make; full coloured printed lanyards, flat polyester, nylon, tubular and woven.

– The full coloured version comes in at a price upwards of £0.41 per item

– For flat polyester lanyards, prices begin at £0.32 per purchase

– For a single nylon lanyard, you can expect a starting price of £0.53

– A tubular lanyard begins at the £0.36 price range per item

– Finally, a single woven lanyard can expect to be purchased at a starting price of £0.47

As mentioned, it is difficult to point out specific prices for these lanyards due to the huge variety of ways they can be adjusted to suit the customers’ needs. Almost every element of the lanyard can be altered, changed and customised as required. This can range from the colour of the lanyard, the number of colours featured, and the composition or type of clip used to secure the two ends in place (which also extends to what kind of material they are made from, such as plastic or metal) and if they are printed on both sides.

If you would like to find out more about the customisation options for our lanyards, feel free to get in touch.