How to Avoid Design Issues With Your Branded Lanyards

Unlock Your Potential

Personalising your lanyards with your own branding can be a highly beneficial investment. It helps you to further promote your brand or organisation at every opportunity, whether you’re a regular business, a charity, or an education/health-focused facility. The design process is easy for customising your own lanyards, but there are some things you need to think about in order to avoid issues.

tickYour lanyard design checklist

When you’re about to begin the process of designing your own personalised lanyards, what key things do you need to think about?

What are you using the lanyards for?

The first step is to know exactly what you want those specific lanyards to be used for. Are they going to be used for visitors, for example? Are they going to carry smart keys for unlocking access points in your business? Are they going to be worn by staff when used on events and promotions? Think very clearly about what you intend to use each lanyard for. Lanyards can be evergreen and used for a broad range of purposes, or they can be used for very specific needs. What you intend to do with them will inform your design choices.

What kind of colours are you going to use?

Colour is a key consideration when it comes to designing customised lanyards. If you’re just using them as general employee access lanyards you might want to think about using colours that complement, or even match, your existing brand colour scheme. Or you can take things in another direction and colour code the lanyards you’re purchasing relative to their specific uses. So, for example, a certain colour lanyard can correspond to a certain level of security access at your premises. Plan this ahead of time.

Is your branding appropriately scalable?

If you intend to use customised branding on your lanyards, such as logos or specific typefaces, you need to make sure that your branding is scalable – meaning it needs to look as good and as clear on the small lanyard as it does on a huge billboard. This is a core element of good branding, and if you have used a reputable marketing agency to assist you with the development of your branding this should have been a key consideration of your branding development. Keep things as simple as possible, and use colour to ensure your branding stands out.

Consider recyclability wherever possible

Think about the long term life cycle of your lanyards. In many cases, lanyards are durable and rugged enough to last much longer than you might need them for if you’re using them for a very specific purpose. In this case, you can make an environmentally and cost-conscious decision to reuse and repurpose them, rather than simply buying new ones. Consider this in your initial design stage.

Customising lanyards with your branding is easy

With these key tips in mind you’re ready to start custom branding your lanyards – and now you can do so safe in the knowledge you won’t encounter any issues. Make your start today.