Printed Lanyards Strategies You Should Try


They’re the friendly pops of colour that catch your eye and make both your business, your team, and your product or service, stand out. Printed lanyards are a highly effective way of promoting your business if you know how to use them. A custom design incorporating your company name, logo, and brand colours can take your visibility to the next level. And the best part is that they’re so subtle people won’t even realise they’ve just been hit with a heavy dose of marketing.

1. Make your marketing team stand out

standoutWhen you’re networking at an event, working at a fair, launching a product, or promoting one of your services, your team are flying without a tether. Away from your office, factory, shop, or whatever serves as the usual ‘hub’ of your business, it can be difficult for individuals in a sea of competition to carry any level of brand recognition.

You can go the whole hog and send them in branded shirts, but for a lot of businesses that gives the wrong impression. A lanyard, on the other hand, is subtle. Easy to spot, and very easily branded, they’re a way of gaining brand recognition while retaining a highly professional look.

Have your people wear them at mid-chest level – any lower, it’s embarrassing for people to look at them. Any higher and they will look foolish.

2. Include lanyards as gifts in your promos

When you’re putting together freebies to hand out, don’t overlook the lanyard. Everyone loves to get something for nothing, and rewarding anyone who shows an interest in your product or service is a great way to encourage them to buy it.

Lanyards are surprisingly useful, especially for busy professionals. Offering them as promotional gifts means you’re likely to be remembered, and they’re likely to be worn again. When they’re worn again, the people wearing them have effectively become ambassadors for your brand.

3. Use them to emphasise the quality of your brand

Quality lanyards worn by your team are a great statement about the standards and quality of your products and services.

For example, if you have an eco-friendly slant on your products or service, a lanyard made from sustainable materials that promotes your eco ethos makes a bold statement and will speak to your potential clientele.

4. Go international

One of the fabulous things about lanyards is their usefulness and the fact that usefulness is universal. Regardless of the country, you will find lanyards in offices and businesses everywhere, from hospitals and government buildings, to banks.

Everywhere people need to frequently show their ID, you will find lanyards.

If you’re looking to bridge international lines with your brand, lanyards are the perfect way to do it. As you’re gifting them, don’t just think local – think global.

Your lanyards are an incredibly versatile aspect of your strategy. Use them wisely, and they will pay for themselves tenfold.