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Printed School Lanyards

For staff and visitor identification, school lanyards are essential accessories. These lanyards can hold ID cards and other important security documents.

Finding the right school lanyards need not be a challenge. We stock the best lanyards for educational establishments including primary and secondary schools, colleges and universities, including lanyards for student IDs.

school class teacher lanyardBuying custom school lanyards

Our bespoke school lanyards can be printed on a colour of your choice, with the school name and logo as required. Choose full colour lanyards as an attention-grabbing option that’s instantly recognisable, or a flat polyester lanyard that’s available in 40 different colours.

Personalised lanyards for schools

You can supply plain lanyards for your school visitors and staff, however, custom school lanyards can become a part of the uniform. They can be customised to meet your individual needs.

Consider different coloured lanyards, like affordable flat polyester lanyards, for different types of school visitor. Perhaps have one colour for staff and a different colour for temporary visitors, so that they can be quickly and easily identified for security reasons. You may also want a third colour for students or even lanyards for students that show what school house they’re in – or which course they’re studying – at a glance.

All of our custom school lanyards come with safety break releases, designed to open if they’re pulled too hard. This means that they can be safely used in a wide variety of environments.

Lanyards can be printed in full colour and come in a variety of widths, giving you unparalleled choice for personalised printed school lanyards.

Low-cost bespoke lanyards for schools

Starting at individual prices as low as 32p, with a minimum order of just 50 pieces, our custom school lanyards are suitable even for the smallest of schools. Choose from a variety of materials including polyester and nylon. Polyester offers a tough finish at a budget price, while nylon lanyards are wrinkle-resistant and better for finer detail. Full-colour lanyards give you complete control over the finished image or logo.

You might also consider lanyard clips for holding your ID cards. Lobster clips are a very popular choice, allowing easy addition and removal of keys and cards. Alternatively, you might choose a swivel hook that may be better suited to more permanent lanyards and will securely hold a staff ID in place.

Pre-printed school lanyardsPre-printed lanyards for school

Instead of adding your school name and logo, why not order personalised lanyards that tell you exactly what someone’s role is? You can order some saying ‘STAFF’, some saying ‘VISITOR’ and others saying ‘STUDENT’ so that you can quickly check the wearer’s status. You might also like personalised lanyards for registered first aiders so that they can be easily identified in emergencies.

Ultimately, the choice is yours. Ordering bespoke school lanyards gives you complete control, allowing you to design lanyards that meet your school’s unique needs.

Order online to choose colours, add text and images, and even see a preview that allows you to adjust positioning and font style. Our personalised custom school lanyards are exactly what you need them to be.