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Top 3 reasons to use printed lanyards at corporate events or trade shows

Top 3 reasons to use printed lanyards at corporate events or trade shows

Whatever your business, a trade show or corporate event can be one of the high points of your year. These occasions give you a chance to get out of your office space and allow you to make connections with other traders and potential clients and customers who might be hard to reach otherwise.

However, when you are out and about at corporate events, there are many factors that you will need to consider. From who will attend to what they will wear and how you will set up your space, there is so much to think about…perhaps the most important is your own identifiability.

Here, we look at why you might want to use printed lanyards at corporate events or trade shows and how these can be beneficial to your company. Read on to discover our top three reasons for why printed lanyards are a great idea, and how Just Lanyards can help you to get amazing lanyards for any events.

Allow increased identifiability and access

Trade shows and other corporate events can be incredibly busy and crowded. They are often held in large halls or conference centres with dozens of other businesses also setting up around you. This means that it can be incredibly important to increase your identifiability, not just for other vendors, but for your own team and those you may be working with for the day. A printed lanyard can easily create a sense of knowing who is who, even if you are not wearing a branding t-shirt or any kind of “uniform”.

Printed lanyards are also very useful for other reasons. Events often have areas that you will need to gain access to using access cards or fobs given out on the day, either to your employees or even to clients and customers. You may have a “backstage” area where you can go to take breaks, or even some sort of VIP area for your clients to discuss business.

A printed lanyard can be a handy way to ensure that you have essential access items with you at all times and don’t lose them, as well as making sure that you can always spot other members of your team even in the chaos of a large event.

Easy and visible branding

Of course, another reason to use printed lanyards is based more on customer recognition than on personal recognition. Your branding is something that you will have worked on – from the fonts and colours that you choose to your personal logo or slogan. It should be highly recognisable and striking for potential customers and clients, standing out from the crowd – and printed lanyards can improve this.

Printed lanyards are easy and cost effective to personalise, meaning that you can perfectly reflect your branding in them. If potential clients see you or your staff walking around wearing lanyards with your company colours and name on, they will easily identify you and know who you are associated with.

Not only that, but if you are handing out lanyards as a promotional item and others wear them (such as potential customers), this can increase your visibility even further, giving a strong sense of your brand cohesion.

Top 3 reasons to use printed lanyards at corporate events or trade shows

Long lasting once your event is over

A big part of corporate events and trade shows is the foot traffic you encounter that you might not expect. You will come into contact with potential customers who may not otherwise seek you out, and this is your chance to make a great first impression. Not only does corporate branding give your company an excellent, professional edge, it also makes your business more memorable.

Handing out products with branding on is a fantastic promotional technique that will, again, improve that first impression. Everyone loves a free item, and a lanyard is the perfect choice. It is small and light and used by many people in their everyday lives, whether they work in an office, school or hospital environment.

Lanyards that are printed with your personal branding might be useful for clients on the day – perhaps they have a day pass to the event that they want to keep on hand rather than put into a pocket or bag and lost. However, more than that, they’re also long lasting. A printed lanyard is something that someone might take with them out into the world and use daily for their work access card or keys.

A high quality printed lanyard is one of the more useful promotional items that you can hand out at a trade show, and they can increase your reach beyond the event and out into the “real world”.

Thanks to lanyards being a cost effective option, even when printed with personalised colours and branding, you can order them in bulk and hand a lanyard out to anyone, even those who may not be seriously interested in your goods or services. Because lanyards are cheaper than other promotional product options, you can be a little more generous with them, which means that you will have an even higher chance of them being worn out and about, getting your name out there longer after the trade show is over.

When you are planning your next corporate event or trade show, don’t forget to stock up on printed lanyards for yourself, your team, your clients and even potential customers. They can be perfect for easily creating a brand presence and increasing your recognition overall, as well as being a great product to give away to improve customer interest. Cost effective and useful, they are a must-have for those events.

Whatever your reasons for grabbing some printed lanyards and however many you need for your event, Just Lanyards can help. We provide a wealth of lanyards and other easily personalised products that will be right at home at any corporate event or trade show, giving your company the professional branding you want on a quality item that can raise your profile. Explore our full range to find the perfect products for you.