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What to look for when choosing lanyards for your next exhibition

What to look for when choosing lanyards for your next exhibition

When you’re organising any event involving possibly hundreds of attendees, you will know how challenging it can be to keep track of everyone. If you’re planning an exhibition or other major event in the near future, have you sorted out your lanyards yet?

Arranging lanyards for your delegates can be a massive advantage when it comes to ensuring you have everyone in the right place, helping your event to run smoothly. At exhibitions and conferences where the staff are temporary and teams are large, being able to carry out a quick ID check at a glance will help the day go off hitch-free.

If you’ve attended large conferences or exhibitions, you will find it’s common to give attendees conference name badges with lanyards as they enter. The badge attached to the lanyard will usually contain your name, company and job title.

Benefits of event lanyards

Conference lanyards are a fantastic tool to use at events, not only as a means of identifying delegates, but also to create a consistent brand message. Lanyards enable the organisers to direct people to where they’re supposed to be. They make it easy to tell whether someone is a delegate, exhibitor, member of staff or another individual.

Lanyards are mainstays for many exhibitions and conferences, providing a simple and effective way of wearing passes and information. Lanyards are always a popular choice, no matter what the event may be. They are perfect for showing off branding, promoting sponsorships and adding functionality to the business wardrobe.

When you’re buying lanyards in bulk, you will find this is a cost-effective method of identifying delegates. When choosing an exhibition lanyard, those that are fully customisable, in terms of artwork and colour, can promote your brand to perfection, providing a high-quality visual means of getting your message out there.

Custom lanyards can include your own logo and your event sponsors’ logos. When every person at your exhibition wears a lanyard, you will potentially have thousands of attendees sharing your brand and its message. This works out even better when the lanyards can be taken away after the event.

There are many variations to consider, including whether to buy custom-printed or plain lanyards, and also the different accessories to go with them. Think name badge holders, plastic ID cards, retractable badge reels, name tags, badge clips and so much more.

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Invest in quality lanyards

When it comes to choosing lanyards for your next exhibition, it’s important to invest in high-quality lanyards that will look the part. There’s no point in trying to save a few pence by buying low-quality conference lanyards.

Apart from the fact they will look dull, they may unravel. This would reflect badly on your event. In addition, when your brand – and your sponsors’ brand – is connected to the lanyards, you don’t want to be associated with something that may look cheap.

Investing a little extra into a high-quality, vibrant and on-point solution is a must. Buying top-quality lanyards in bulk will not cost the earth, yet in terms of promoting your brand, they will be invaluable.

Whether you hand out lanyards with conference passes or include them in entry bags for delegates, they are not something event organisers should overlook. Today, most attendees expect lanyards. After all, they provide a golden opportunity for sponsorship placement and advertising.

While smart passes for business events have their place, nothing can replace lanyards for exhibitions. Make them strong, functional and appropriately branded, as they are the first thing people will notice. People are likely to form a first impression of a person or organisation in just seven seconds, according to research.

When your lanyards look good and they’re hanging around the neck of every delegate, they are potentially the most useful tool to make a good first impression. A new contact will form an opinion of who you are from this first impression, so your lanyard is representing your brand.

Seven seconds isn’t enough time to talk about your company’s history, or give your contact a proper verbal welcome! This means your branded lanyard is all-important in sending out the right message. Make sure you can guarantee quality, great branding and reliability all in one design by choosing professional lanyards that won’t let you down.

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Creating your lanyards

Whether you’re planning a national exhibition or a conference for your regional sector or niche, start creating your lanyards well in advance.

Here at Just Lanyards, our custom lanyards are mainly used as promotional items at exhibitions and conferences. Our high-quality printing ensures your event and brand remain visible long after the exhibition is over.

The first step is deciding what type of lanyard is best for you. We supply premium quality nylon lanyards, flat polyester lanyards, tubular lanyards, full-colour dye sublimated lanyards, woven lanyards and more. It is down to your personal choice. We can also silk-screen custom lanyards to full-colour digital print.

If you’re on a tight budget, we can supply flat, plain lanyards. Alternatively, we can supply a variety of colours and different attachments to suit your bespoke needs.

Choose from popular colours that are kept in stock, but if you have specific Pantone colours for your brand and business style, we can still create your ideal lanyard. Our most economic option is our round cord lanyards fashioned from braided polyester. They can be thinner than flat lanyards and usually measure 35 inches long.

Our large selection of different colours and designs makes it convenient and simple to design your bespoke lanyards – and you can also go one step further if you’re hosting a major exhibition lasting several days. Perhaps you might choose to identify single-day visitors over those with a weekly pass.

Maybe you want to quickly distinguish employees from delegates attending the conference. There is an endless list of possibilities when it comes to tweaking your designs so you get exactly what you need. With fully-customised images, text and designs, we can promise you something special when it comes to lanyards for your next exhibition.

Contact us today to speak to our friendly and knowledgeable support team, who are always on hand to serve you. We will deliver a quick turnaround and offer free standard UK delivery on all orders.