Why lanyards can benefit your GP practice


Lanyards are a common sight in many workplaces that provide the identification of staff members. Lanyards bring many benefits to the workplace and go beyond simply providing identification. An increasing number of establishments, including GP practices, are introducing lanyards for their staff. So, why do lanyards benefit your GP practice?

Easy identification

In a busy GP practice, patients may find themselves surrounded by hundreds of people. This can make it tricky to determine who to turn to for help or advice in emergencies. Unfortunately, there have been problems in which unqualified people have given advice to patients in medical settings due to mistaken identity; this could have detrimental effects. Lanyards make it easy for patients to separate staff from general members of the public. If a patient needs assistance, they can simply look for someone wearing a lanyard and know that they are in good hands. To make your lanyards even more effective, you could brand them with your GP’s logo. This makes identifying staff members even easier.

Happy NHS StaffIdentifying different types of staff member

In a GP practice, you will find an array of staff, all working different jobs. Some will be receptionists, others will be GPs and some will be cleaners. Colour coded lanyards are a great way to distinguish these groups of people and to quickly identify the staff that you need. You could ask each different group within the GP practice to wear a different coloured lanyard. In an emergency, it will be easy to identify a cleaner from a doctor, which means that help can be given quickly to those in need.

A sense of community

Lanyards are part of a uniform and provide staff with a sense of community. By wearing a branded lanyard, your staff will feel a closer connection to the company which could help to improve workplace morale, teamwork and communication. Teamwork and communication are incredibly important within a GP practice, so anything that raises this is definitely worth having. Many NHS staff are provided with a branded lanyard that brings them together and creates a huge sense of teamwork. Private GP surgeries should consider doing this too. The best medical care happens when all staff members work closely and collaborate as one.

Patient trust

One of the biggest benefits of using lanyards in your GP practice is increasing patient trust. All patients should feel safe in their GP practice and trust plays a big role in this. For many patients, knowing the names of the people who are caring for you is a comfort and helps them to trust in the care that they are receiving.

GPs are there to provide help and support, and this is often easier when patients feel a connection with the medical professional. Lanyards will tell patients an employee’s name, which is a good way to create a relationship and encourage trust. This will go towards improving the experience that patients have when visiting the practice, which will make them feel comfortable if they ever have to return.

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