What different styles of Lanyards are there?

Lanyard Styles

As with all products there are variations, even for lanyards. There are basically two main styles of lanyards which are used throughout work places around the country as well as at exhibitions, conferences, schools or offices. The basic style of lanyard is usually made up of two strips of fabric which are joined at the back, predominantly with a safety break and then at the other end they will generally have a trigger clip, swivel clip or crocodile clip or some other form of hook on which to attach a badge or keys.

Depending on what the lanyard is to be used for additional attachments can be added such as split rings for keys, phone attachments for mobiles or ski reel passes for attaching badges. It is also possible to have a quick release buckle built into the lanyard so that items attached can be removed conveniently and quickly without the need to take the lanyard off over the head.

The other popular style of lanyard is a double ended or open ended lanyard which has two clips on the ends. These are used for events where large information passes have to be easily readable and accessible for scanning – an event such as The Olympic Games is a good example where you see organisers and competitors alike with their validated passes in the arena. This style of lanyard is also available in different fabric types, and can be printed both sides and in full colour. There is still the option to add additional clips on these as well such as an extra clip or split ring for example to put a key on.

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