What are the two most popular lanyard fabrics?

Lanyard Fabrics

Lanyards come in five main standard fabrics although there are others such as eco friendly ones, however two styles stand out as being the most popular for their durability and reasonable cost.

Flat Polyester

This fabric is used when screen printing 1 – 3 spot colours (spot colours are colours which don’t have any shades or tints & tones). The fabric has a ridged effect and because it is made from polyester is it extremely tough giving longevity to the life of the lanyard. It can be printed on both sides if required and comes in different widths, 10mm, 15mm, 20mm & 25mm which helps when making smaller print more legible on a wider lanyard and helps to give a more prominent exposure to your brand. As well as coming in a range of over 30 standard colours these can also be pantone matched to suit a particular colour if required.

Full Colour Heat Transfer

The fabric used for this style of printing is quite different as is the printing process. To reproduce a full colour logo which means as many colours as you require including tints, tones and photographs we use a process call heat transfer. The fabric in every case starts off white and has a smooth satin feel to it. The print is always applied to both sides of these lanyards as standard. To guarantee clarity of the print the design is first printed on to paper which in turn is transferred on to the fabric using heat – hence the name heat transfer. All in all this is a great cost effective way to gain exposure with a quality full colour image printed in fine detail.

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