Bring some colour to your business with branded rainbow lanyards

We’ve talked before about the benefits that branded lanyards can bring to your business; they help to build brand identity by having your company’s logo on display wherever your employees go. This helps to solidify your brand in the eye of your customer, but it can also serve as advertising when your employees are out and about. Now, imagine the joy that can also be spread by having a branded lanyard that features your brand name and logo, but in rainbow colours.

This year, rainbows have become a symbol in the UK for our wonderful National Health Service and everyone who works there. What these everyday heroes have done during the global pandemic, to keep us safe and help our loved ones in their greatest time of need, is so inspiring. It’s been a joy to see hand-drawn posters featuring rainbows in house windows and large scale rainbow murals being painted on shop fronts – all in support of our NHS and the wonderful doctors, nurses and medical staff.

How do I design a lanyard?

We have a helpful online design tool that allows you to create your lanyard step-by-step, all the while providing a visual of what your lanyard looks like. Don’t worry if you don’t consider yourself a designer, our wide range of options provide all the inspiration you’ll need, and the visual design makes it easy to see the results.

You can add your company name in a range of different fonts and colours and of course, feature your brand’s logo on the lanyard as well. The design tool makes it easy to reposition each component until it looks just right.

Bring some colour to your business with branded rainbow lanyards

What will the rainbow look like?

We have three different styles of rainbow design, so no matter your style preference, we’ll have the perfect fit for your lanyard. We have a horizontal rainbow stripe that will run the length of the lanyard, a funky diagonal stripe and a modern, ombre effect that blends the transition of the shades of the rainbow together seamlessly. If you’re having trouble visualising the different styles, we recommend jumping on to our design tool where you can see how they look with your brand name and logo [hyperlink design tool page].

If you get stuck or have any questions about how your design can work, our friendly team are on hand via email at [email protected] and phone at 01257 483 587.

Bring colour to your business today

Just Lanyards has been making quality lanyards since 2001 and we’re proud to be the UK’s leading manufacturer of bespoke lanyards. With minimum orders starting from just 50 pieces and free 3-week UK delivery, start your design journey today and bring the joy of rainbows to your business.