What personalised lanyards can do for your business

What personalised lanyards can do for your business

Personalised lanyards are a really useful addition to any business, for a variety of different reasons. If you haven’t yet got these for your company, now is the time to capitalise on the many benefits that they can bring.

Easy identification

By having staff wearing personalised lanyards, this means that your workforce can be easily identified, whether within the business itself or when visiting other locations. This is particularly useful in large organisations, which might have a lot of people coming and going. As well as having personalised lanyards for those that work at your premises, you could have separate personalised lanyards for visitors or customers only, making it easier to keep a check on who is in your building at any one time.

Peace of mind

By introducing personalised lanyards as a form of identification, this makes them a really useful tool from a security point of view. You can help to keep intruders out of your premises by being able to identify anyone who hasn’t got a personalised lanyard. In fact, as a security method, getting personalised lanyards works out as very cost-effective.


The beauty of choosing personalised lanyards is that you can customise them in any way that you see fit. Whether you choose to personalise them using someone’s name, or by company department or brand, this makes for a really effective and flexible way to build identity and recognition.

Another way in which personalised lanyards offer flexibility is that they can be used in any setting for any type or size of business. As well as being popular for use in offices and other corporate organisations, they work just as well in education or training establishments, as well as for sports teams, within the healthcare sector and many more places.

Build brand loyalty

One way in which many organisations use personalised lanyards is to have them professionally printed to display a brand name, logo or colours. This is a useful strategy for boosting brand awareness and loyalty. In particular, when employees are out and about, such as visiting clients or attending events and conferences, others will see the personalised lanyard and this will act as a reinforcement and advertisement of your brand. Put simply, personalised lanyards could be good news for your business reputation!

Foster team working

Personalised lanyards do more than just let their users stand out from the crowd; they can help to unite those that wear the same kinds of lanyards in a particular group, team or bubble. This can be an effective strategy for encouraging team working and collaboration.

Professional image

While standard lanyards would do the job, there’s no doubt that if you opt for personalised ones instead, they exude a far more professional image. By simply adding something that is relevant or personal to your company on the lanyard, this can elevate you from the crowd and shows that your business is the kind that likes to pay attention to detail. This forms a really positive first impression to others, which reflects well on your brand.

Whatever style of personalised lanyards you need, simply talk to our expert team at Just Lanyards for a wealth of ideas and inspiration.