College Lanyards

Printed College Lanyards

College student cards can serve multiple functions, saving the college a lot of time and money, and making the student experience a safer and smoother one.

These cards can be programmed to be used as door keys, carry cash balances on them, grant access to areas from which strangers to the college campus are prohibited, and can be used to quickly and easily disseminate promotions to the students who best fall into the target group. More and more colleges are pre-loading their student cards with vital information that the student must have with them, such as money for buying snacks and drinks in college facilities, electronic key codes so that classrooms and laboratories can be accessed safely and by only the appropriate people and even to be scanned into class for registration.

But how can security or teaching staff tell at a glance that the people in the room are meant to be there without asking to see each and every student card up close and personal? This would be time-wasting, especially when class timings are previously decided.

CollegePersonalised college lanyards

Instead, save time and therefore money by opting for distinctive and immediately recognisable printed college lanyards. With one issued to each student at the time of enrolment when they are issued with their student card, seeing that everyone in the room is wearing the right lanyard will take a matter of seconds and anyone without the lanyard will be easily picked out and asked to identify themselves.

With a minimum order of just 50, you can even allow each faculty or department to issue their own lanyards personalised by for example, subject, honours class or degree. Not only will this mean that it is easy for tutors and lecturers to spot any outsiders in the class, but the class will feel as though they are part of a family, a familiar lanyard can be as friendly as a face to an overwhelmed first year!  Staff members too can have personalised lanyards, so they are always awarded the respect due to them, even when they are interacting informally with students.

Student cards, especially those pre-loaded with all the digital information detailed above, need to be kept safe – and yet they must be kept with the student at all times! The solution is in a sturdy lanyard with strong fittings that will keep the card safe and secure, not breaking or coming apart in the hustle and bustle of normal college days.

An array of sizes and designs to choose from

Custom school lanyards come in a choice of sizes, including 10mm (only available for some of the options), 15mm, 20mm and 25mm, and can be made from a range of materials, from sturdy tough nylon to soft and tactile tubular fabric. They all come with a safety feature so the lanyard will come apart with a hard tug, rather than injure the student. There is a full range of colours available, with Pantone colour matching so you can be sure that your institution’s colours will be accurately reproduced and the personalised college lanyards will go with all your other promotional materials.

lanyard stock colours

Our lanyards are fully customised so you can upload whatever images or logos you like, and see your beautiful bespoke college lanyards around the neck of every student on campus. Call today and see how we can help you with your college lanyards!