Exhibition Lanyards and Conference Lanyards

Exhibition & Conference Lanyards

What’s an exhibition or conference without a lanyard? As mainstays for many events, offering an easy and effective way to wear passes and information, lanyards are always a popular choice. Ideal for showing off branding, displaying sponsorships or add functionality to the average business wardrobe.

When it comes to investing in quality lanyards for your upcoming event or conference, you want to choose lanyards that look the part. Low-quality conference lanyards that look dull or unravel can reflect badly on your event – so investing a little extra into a quality, vibrant and on-brand solution is a must. Whether handed out with conference passes or included in entry bags, lanyards are not a cost to overlook – most attendees will expect them. Why wouldn’t you pass up an opportunity for advertising, or sponsorship placement, if you have the chance?

With the rise of smart passes for exhibitions and business events, it’s even more critical for conference lanyards and exhibition lanyards to be strong, appropriately branded and properly functional. If they’re around the neck of every attendee and are useful as well as on-brand, then you’re off to a good start. So how can you guarantee quality, reliability and branding all in one design? Choosing Just Lanyards is the ideal solution.

Why invest in exhibition lanyards and conference lanyards?

If you’re running an industry-wide exhibition, or simply planning to host a conference for your particular sector or niche, lanyards are one of the staples when it comes to giveaways. Low-cost, high quality and often kept long-past a show or event; lanyards are the ideal way to access free advertising easily. This is true whether you’re hosting public exhibitions – where passes must be displayed within the hall space – or simply holding a close-knit business function where lanyards are a handy way to display names and details.

So, why go personalised? If you’re already considering investing in lanyards, going for the branded option is your best bet. This means choosing a personalised option which can include anything from a conference name to sponsor details. With a minimum order of 50, it’s possible to produce a selection of different-style lanyards too. Perhaps you have multiple sponsors, or maybe you want to differentiate visitors from VIPs. Utilising personalised lanyards is an easy and effective way to keep those all-important passes safe, while also designating that lanyard for a specific purpose.

Our lanyards are all created for hard-wearing, sturdy nylon in a range of widths, from 10mm up to 25mm to suit the particular style you’re looking for. Safety features are also included, preventing injury from a dangling lanyard getting caught or stuck.

What customisation is available for lanyards?

Got precise brand requirements, or not sure if your logo will work in lanyard form? Luckily, our conference and exhibition lanyards can be fully designed online, allowing you to see first-hand what designs and colours work for you. With a wide range of different shades available, from bright yellow through to cool grey, there’s also likely to be an option in our range that’s the perfect match for your brand, event or sponsor colours. We even use Pantone colour matching to produce on-point results.

lanyard stock coloursThis wide selection of different shades also makes it easy and convenient to stock a range of colours for your event. Perhaps you want to identify three-day conference-goers over single-day visitors. Maybe you want to quickly and easily distinguish who is staff and who is attending a conference. The possibilities are endless – and with full customizability on images, text and designs, you’ll be able to create something that’s the perfect fit for you. After your design is complete, enjoy free standard UK delivery on all orders.

Contact us today to find out more about our lanyards, or start creating your design now to see what our platform can do.

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