Custom lanyards: design your lanyards online

Custom lanyards: design your lanyards online

You have perhaps wondered why you would select lanyards over the other numerous promotional items out there. Like other marketing materials, lanyards provide several benefits for individuals and companies. This article discusses the versatility of custom lanyards and how you can design yours online. Let’s dive in!

What Are Custom Lanyards?

A lanyard is a loop frequently wrapped around the neck to hold objects like wallets or identification cards. Lanyards can also occasionally be worn from around the wrist or shoulder. Using lanyards eliminates the need to tuck bulky things within pockets or fasten objects to garments to hold valuables. Any outfit can be worn with them.
Going back to history, the military first used lanyards to connect a gun or whistle to a uniform. Of course, several patterns and styles indicate a person’s rank or cadet.
These days, custom lanyards are common for various uses among businesses and individuals. While some industries use them as promotional items, some use them to hold ID cards, flash drives, or even access items.
Custom lanyards are available in unique materials and designs. Popular among institutions and several organisations, they help in promoting their brand as they display their logos and messages. They are available in various sizes, depending on the intended purpose.

Customising your custom lanyards

Designing the perfect custom lanyards for your business is as simple as A-B-C with the Just Lanyards design tool.
Considering trying a different colour, font, or design? No issue! Design your professional lanyards within minutes. It’s effortless: choose your material, colour, font, text, and design. There are hundreds of texts to choose from. Add your logo, and finally, preview what you’ve made.

How to Design Your Custom Lanyards Online

Now that you know what custom lanyards are let’s take it a step further by understanding how to design your custom lanyards online.

Find a great manufacturer

It’s usually fun designing your first custom lanyard for your personal use. But when it comes to customising for your team, it can be somehow intimidating. The truth is, it makes more sense to trust the expertise of a professional in designing a quality piece.
However, if you’re looking for a high-quality lanyard at a competitive price, you’d have to research to get the perfect manufacturer.
Below are a few things we do recommend you look out for:
• Types of lanyards
• Great customisation options
• Free shipping on bulk offer
• Great customer service
• Fast turnaround time
• Affordable pricing
• Of course, check out for reviews
If you’re looking for all these in one company, be sure to check out the Just Lanyards customising tool here. We boast of a user-friendly interface and competitive pricing on all custom lanyards. Get started today!

Choose your type of lanyard

Once you’ve selected a professional company you want to work with, it’s time to choose the type of lanyards you want. There are several options to choose from, ranging from nylon lanyards to polyester lanyards and dye-sublimated lanyards.
Then, go ahead to select the width and the quantity of lanyard your business needs.

Customise your lanyard

Now, here is the best part! Start designing your lanyard and customise things just the way you like them. Ensure to choose the perfect measurements and insert your logo and attachments. Use the Just Lanyards customising tool to personalise your options today!

5 Solid Reasons Custom Lanyards are Great Promotional Products

1. Millions of Outreach to Potential Customers

Unlike other promotional items, custom lanyards can reach millions of potential customers.
The Office for National Statistics (ONS) shows that over 32 million people worked in the UK in 2018. Now, let’s assume that each of these individuals relates with just four persons their entire life. Imagine that each wears your business lanyards; this means that about 128 million people will notice your brand.
Keep in mind that not only will this number keep increasing across the UK but also all over the world.

2. Custom Lanyards are Affordable and Effective

Many people may quickly adapt to lanyards as they use them daily. While some workers use them to secure their ID cards, some use them to hold their small purses or business cards.
The appeal comes from the so much value they offer at very affordable prices on the market. Because of their simple nature, you don’t have to break the bank to use them for whatever purpose. Here at Just Lanyards, we can design your custom premium lanyards to reflect your brands just as you like them.
You can opt for a bulk order for even a discounted offer and lower shipping rates.

3. People Will Love Them

One of the goals of any marketing strategy is to distribute items that your potential customer will appreciate.
Although custom lanyards may not wow people, they are among the most practical promotional items available. Your receivers will be grateful to get these because they can be used for many things.

4. Custom Lanyards are Portable in sizes

The small sizes of most useful promotional items contribute to why they are usually affordable. Because of this, custom lanyards are perfect for low-budget branding. They aren’t costly but can deliver your business the most exposure.

Nearly everyone wears them. Whether grabbing a bite at the store or riding the tube, they always have it around their neck.

5. All Industries Can Use Them

When you think of their versatility, value, and price, you can understand why all industries seek them. For instance, lanyards can be used to hold keys or access cards in hospitals, schools, or commercial buildings.
Just because an item looks so simple doesn’t mean it’s inferior in value or benefits. Think custom lanyards when you need a piece item great for virtually all purposes.

Custom lanyards design your lanyards online

We at Just Lanyards can raise their value even higher by designing them. Thanks to our excellent printing capabilities, our team can supply you with the highest-quality marketing products with a fast turnaround time.
Our lanyards are great as promotional products, whether for souvenirs or charity items. Order your bulk customised lanyards today at discounted rates!