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Brand Refresh (Tips and Tricks) – Branded Lanyards

Brand Refresh (Tips and Tricks) – Branded Lanyards

Buying yourself a new pair of designer shoes or having a new haircut is one of the best feelings in the world. Giving oneself a new appearance indeed makes one feel special. Moreover, in some ways, these kinds of special treats create a positive outlook and impression about life. And now that there’s a progressive mindset, everything in life becomes seamless and achievable.
Your business is very similar to this. Sometimes, traditional methods of marketing fade, and you record poor sales. Perhaps the issue is as straightforward as an obsolete company logo. Refreshing will frequently aid in getting a company out of a rut by changing a logo or simply introducing branded lanyards. Beyond promoting your company’s credibility, branded lanyards are useful in refreshing your business.
Below, we look at four ways branded lanyards can do the trick for your business.

4 Ways Branded Lanyards Can Enhance Your Brand Refreshing

Branded lanyards are available in a variety of colours, fabrics, and sizes. With these options, you can make whatever choices you want – one that resonates with your brand’s value and identity.
Remember that a lanyard is an accessory worn around a person’s neck to valuables, including IDs, USB devices, and keys. However, a lanyard could also be an essential tool for brand refreshing to create an improved perception of the business.
That said, below are four ways branded lanyards can enhance your brand refreshing:

#1 Identify Your Business Value and Goals

Remember that lanyards can be customised to reflect your company’s values and what you’re known for. While you might already have uniforms for each department, a lanyard around their necks can easily be recognisable. Visitors can use this to easily recognise each worker and ask for help from the right personnel. An example is the case of when you are planning a business summit.

blank red lanyard
Of course, your workers will not be in their customised official uniforms during a mixed event where other companies are also present. In this case, a lanyard can be a tangible brand add-on (refresh) to help your team stand out.
You may want to have the following on the lanyard:
• Your company’s distinct colours
• Brand logo printed onto the surface
• Company motto or slogan

#2 Lanyards for brand building

Even though some individuals will gladly throw away lanyards shortly after receiving them, others will hang onto them because they are valuable or as a souvenir.

You know, there are a lot of uses for lanyards, both at the workplace and at home. They can be useful, from storing paper objects such as bills and tickets to holding odd-shaped keys. Even keeping everything together is possible by using a lanyard.
And as expected, wherever the wearer of a lanyard is, the brand on it is automatically there. Ultimately, this helps with brand awareness and refreshing.
That’s quite impressive

#3 Lanyards for brand awareness

Maybe your firm plans to organise a summit or an event; branded lanyards can simply be used as a reminder to prospective guests.
Beyond being used as a reminder, branded lanyards can sometimes be helpful after the event. Most of the guests will take them home to keep it somewhere safe as a sovenier or dispose of them later. But when they pick it again in the future, they quickly remember your brand and its values.
Other than this, lanyards could also be helpful as a marketing tool, thereby leaving your footprint on the attendees.

#4 Finally, Branded Lanyards are Practical

When you’re thinking of a brand refresh strategy, practicality is key. By simply getting your employees to wear a lanyard around their necks, you can help them increase efficiency at the end of the day. Moreover, the cost of ordering bulk lanyards saves you money when compared to other personalisation strategies. Hence, both SMEs and large businesses can leverage lanyards for brand identity and refresh.

Brand Refresh (Tips and Tricks) – Branded Lanyards

Branded Lanyards are available in a variety of styles

A brand refresh is all about changing your marketing strategy. This marketing strategy usually involves introducing new emotional appeal and changing your message to your audience.
Contrary to popular misconceptions, lanyards are not just’ ropes worn around the neck.’ Lanyards can also help with fresh marketing and branding that comes effortlessly. For instance, think about lanyards for mobile phones or for wallets; people carry these all around. Certainly, that’s easy marketing, which could help promote your brand visibility and awareness!
If you are preparing a brand refresh strategy, branded lanyards are irrelevant to what type of business you run.

Is Your Business Due for a Brand Refresh?

Brand refresh could be all that your business needs. Your company needs to reconsider its products, content, philosophy, and customers’ strategies to implement a successful brand refresh. Sometimes, a simple recipe like a lanyard can do the trick.
Have a specific goal, identify what you like and dislike about your current branding, and remember your brand’s story. Above all, don’t be afraid to try something new but ensure you stay consistent with brand messaging.
If you want customised or branded lanyards for yourself or your business, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Just Lanyards can help you with lanyards for a brand refresh, promotional items, or brand visibility.
Get in touch with us today if you’ve any special requests!