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Eco-friendly lanyard options for modern business leaders

Eco-friendly lanyard options for modern business leaders

In the UK, we use around 7.7 billion plastic bottles per year – an average of 117 bottles for every person in the country! This is why today’s environmentally-aware companies are recognising the importance of creating eco-friendly lanyard options for modern business leaders.

When you purchase recycled lanyards, there is no difference from the high quality of regular lanyards. You can choose your design, upload your logo, choose the colours, add text, and see your design online before you buy it. The only difference is the benefit to the environment due to using recycling materials.

Research shows around 50% of single-use PET (polyethylene terephthalate) plastic bottles end up in landfill sites, or even worse, in the ocean, where they are carelessly discarded. The solution is to recycle more plastic bottles so that at the end of their life, they end up being turned into something useful.

Choosing recycled lanyards

We can all make a change in the business world by choosing recycled conference lanyards. PET plastic bottles, including the lid, can be recycled in Britain. Rather than throwing used plastic bottles into the general waste bin, put them in designated recycling bins instead.

Common uses for recycled plastic bottles include clothing, when the used PET plastic is ground down and recycled into fine polyester for weaving into garments.

Recycled PET is also used to produce eco-friendly lanyards. Here at Just Lanyards, we’re striving to put sustainable practices in place to help take care of the environment. This is why we’re able to offer lanyards made from recycled PET plastic, collected from discarded single-use plastic bottles.

Even better, because our lanyards are made from PET, once they are no longer needed, they can be recycled again. When your lanyard has a metal clip fitting, it is separated before the lanyard is recycled.

Our recycled lanyards are supplied plain in a choice of colours, or you can purchase fully personalised lanyards with your event branding or company’s logo, making them a great marketing tool. This will not affect the lanyards’ recyclability.

This is our contribution to helping to reduce the number of plastic products ending up in landfill sites, or even worse, in the ocean. Everyone in the business world can act to stop the deterioration of our planet by ensuring plastics are disposed of correctly.

Types of recycled lanyard

We offer two different kinds of recycled lanyards, including the Recycled Heat Transfer full-colour lanyards, which are available in a minimum order of 50 pieces. They are printed on both sides in full colour and can be ordered in a choice of widths, including 15 mm, 20 mm and 25 mm.

Included in the price are a free safety break, free set-up and free three-week delivery. Made entirely from recycled plastic bottles, the lanyards are created from raw white recycled plastic, which has an off-white colour.

It has a smooth finish with a satin feel, which is ideally suited to high definition, fine-detailed images with tints and tones. Choose from a single-ended lanyard or a double-ended lanyard. We offer a large choice of stock colours or you can choose a bespoke colour from our Pantone chart.

We also stock Recycled Flat Polyester lanyards, which have a minimum order of 50 pieces. These lanyards can be printed in one, two or three colours on one or both sides. They come in a choice of widths, comprising 15 mm, 20 mm and 25 mm. Included free in the price is a safety break, plus free set-up and free three-week delivery.

These lanyards have a tough, textured finish. Made from recycled plastic bottles, the material is an off-white colour. The stock colour is white only, although Pantone matches are available.

All of our recycled plastic lanyards provide a much more sustainable solution than standard lanyards. When your business uses lanyards for events, such as conferences and exhibitions, using recycled lanyards is one way to improve your business’s environmental sustainability.

Why is sustainability so important?

Scientists estimate a horrific eight million plastic products enter our oceans worldwide every day, including plastic bottles, bin bags and plastic carrier bags. If people continue producing plastic waste at the current rate, by 2050, it’s estimated there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish.

You’re probably sitting reading this and thinking, “But I’ve never dumped any plastic in the sea and I never would!”

While most right-minded people wouldn’t leave plastic waste – or indeed any waste – on the beach, or allow it to pass through the sewage system, sadly, there are individuals who will carelessly discard their waste.

By disposing of all of our recyclable plastics correctly, not only can we make more eco-friendly products, such as recycled lanyards, but we can also stop used plastic bottles from making it to landfill sites and the world’s waterways.

Using recycled plastic – known as RPET – as an alternative material is a huge step forward on the journey towards a greener, cleaner and safer future for the planet. RPET (recycled polyester plastic) looks the same as polyester, but because it’s made from recycled plastic bottles, each lanyard is created using woven RPET fibres.

Here’s the science

When compared with the production of lanyards using virgin plastic, RPET doesn’t use any additional chemicals, apart from cleaning detergents. It uses 59% less energy and produces 32% fewer carbon dioxide emissions.

Make sure your business makes a positive difference to the planet by choosing recycled conference lanyards. In addition, if you purchase a plastic bottle of water on your way to work, keep hold of the bottle and refill it. You can use it for at least a week before disposing of it in the relevant recycling bin.

Just Lanyards’ large selection of different colours and designs for our eco-friendly lanyard options makes it convenient and easy to create your bespoke lanyards. Of course, they are produced to the same high standard as our regular lanyards.

Contact our friendly and knowledgeable support team for further details of our eco-friendly lanyard options for modern businesses. We always deliver a quick turnaround and offer free standard UK delivery on all orders.