How to get quick, quality lanyards for your business: Our top tips

Lanyards are a great way to help promote a professional image in your workforce. They can also be a useful tool for security purposes when checking staff in and out of your property throughout the day.

At Just Lanyards, we know how hectic it can be running a business. We’ve put together a list of our top tips for getting quick, quality lanyards for your business.

Design your own lanyards

Our team at Just Lanyards know how important it is to create the right image for your business. That’s why custom lanyards can be a great option. They are often supplied in an array of colours, styles and materials. If you want your business logo or slogan to shine through, they are a subtle but effective way to promote your company. They are also an excellent option for upcoming events or promotions. Often made with sturdy, top-quality materials, such as nylon, these lanyards are incredibly tough. Made to last and withstand your busy schedule, custom-made lanyards are a great choice for long-lasting and eye-catching business promotion.

Dye Sub LanyardPlain lanyards

However, if you’re looking for something more neutral, then a plain lanyard could be the right choice for you. Plain lanyards come in a wide range of vibrant colours. If you have a small team or a small business, they could be the perfect option for unifying your team’s image. An excellent choice for those running a busy schedule or those on a smaller budget. They are also an affordable, yet attractive option for events.

Pre-printed lanyards

Alternatively, pre-printed lanyards are a suitable option for a large scope of business types. Whether you’re looking to use them at a college, hospital, office space, school, university or entertainment event; you’re sure to find the right lanyard for you. The various selections also come in a variety of colours, which can be a great choice for identifying different departments or teams within your business. With pre-printed lanyards, you’re ready to go as soon as your lanyards arrive. They are easy to use and identify, meaning they are a great way to get your business up and running.

Lanyard attachments

If you have multiple visitors through your doors, then lanyard attachments could be a useful addition to your business’s lanyards. Perfect add-ons for day-guests, contractors and customers, flexible PVC badge holders or rigid lanyard cardholders are helpful ways to identify visitors entering your premises. Other lanyard additions include antibacterial sanitiser attachments, which are a great way to set a safe and practical image for your staff and visitors. Sanitiser attachments are the perfect tool for letting your staff and guests know that their health and safety is your top priority.

Thinking of how lanyards could help your business?

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