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Why Introducing Pride Lanyards Could Improve Diversity In Your Business

Why Introducing Pride Lanyards Could Improve Diversity In Your Business

Diversity is a hot topic at the moment – more so than ever. It’s especially important in the workplace. With so many different people from a variety of backgrounds, cultures and ways of life working closely together, it’s vital that each and every employee feels comfortable in their working environment.

For some individuals, demonstrating a lack of diversity might be down to genuine intolerance, which will need to be addressed as per your business’ disciplinary procedures. But for many, it’s down to a lack of understanding or education about the subject in question.

Organisations need to embrace diversity of all sorts, whether it’s the diversity of race, culture, socioeconomic background, gender, age or anything else. With Pride becoming a bigger and more talked about event each year, there’s more awareness of the diversity in gender and sexuality in today’s world than ever before.

There are plenty of ways to improve diversity within your business, and to demonstrate that your organisation cares about everyone, no matter their gender or sexual identity. One such way is to introduce optional Pride lanyards for senior leadership and employees alike. Even if you’re completely clear in your staff handbook, in your company values and in your external communications with media, clients, suppliers and more, Pride lanyards are a way of visually demonstrating your passion for the cause. What’s more, they’re practical, too!

Here’s how they can make a difference in organisations of all types and sizes.

1. It can make people think.

It’s a sad truth that people don’t realise just how much seemingly throwaway comments, inappropriate jokes or baited remarks can affect an individual, whether directed at them or simply made within their earshot. It’s one thing telling people – either verbally, or in your staff handbook – to think about the potential consequences of their words or actions, but wouldn’t it be better to have a constant visual reminder of the fact?

Pride lanyards will make that happen. Just as a lanyard branded with your company logo and colours encourages your employees to live and breathe your brand values when wearing it, so a Pride lanyard can encourage your team to keep diversity top of mind at all times.

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2. It can demonstrate to new hires that you’re serious about diversity.

There are plenty of factors that a candidate will be thinking about when deciding whether or not a particular role at a particular company is right for them. Obviously the job description itself will play a huge part in the decision – and the salary and location too – but company culture is also crucial. A candidate will want to feel like they’re the right fit for the company, and the company is the right fit for them.

Sadly, many of those in the LGBTQ+ community find themselves the victims of ignorance, intolerance or hate at some point in their lives – something we all need to work together to stamp out. If it’s a choice between two different companies, which would you go for: the company that outwardly shows that it’s championing diversity in the workplace, or a company where you have no idea whether inclusivity is indeed at the heart of everything they do? Without even needing to bring up the subject of diversity, by wearing Pride lanyards in interviews with new employees you’ll give them the reassurance of knowing that you’re an organisation that truly cares about each and every one of its employees.

 3. It can show clients and suppliers where you stand.

Just as potential future hires will want to know that they’re working with an inclusive, diverse company, your clients and suppliers will want to know that they’re doing business with a company that genuinely cares too. Pride lanyards are a great way to show not just that you’re a company that’s allied with the Pride movement and everything it stands for, but also that you’re aware of societal issues, and that you’re a company with a conscience.

4. It can make your working environment more positive.

A feeling that you’re in an environment where you’re not 100% accepted, understood or supported, for whatever reason, can feel pretty toxic. Feelings of resentment, distrust, upset, anger, belittlement and more should not be part of any workplace – employees should never be treated as inferior because of who they are and how they live.

By introducing Pride lanyards, you’re signifying that your company is all about this acceptance, support and understanding. You’re showing that intolerance won’t be tolerated, hopefully making your working environment a more pleasant and positive place to be.

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5. It can make people feel included and accepted.

If it isn’t outwardly obvious that your workplace is LGBTQ+ friendly, stop and think: how will this make those who don’t identify as heterosexual or cisgender feel? For a truly happy workplace where absolutely everyone feels included and accepted, you need to demonstrate that everyone should feel able to be themselves, and not hide any part of their identity.

Introducing Pride lanyards can encourage people to be themselves, contributing to a happier, more open workplace and can potentially even help to increase productivity and reduce staff turnover.

6. It can signpost where people can find support.

Nobody should ever be made to feel that they have nobody to turn to – whether it’s for a general chat, to ask questions, to seek support with a decision or to express their concern about an issue in the workplace.

By wearing a Pride lanyard, members of your team will show everyone within your business that they’re a safe space – a person that others can turn to for advice or support without any judgement. The longer a problem, question or concern is left to fester, the more damaging it can become. Don’t let this happen in your workplace.

If you’re looking for Pride lanyards to improve your organisation’s visible commitment to diversity, take a look at the range we offer at Just Lanyards.