How to start branding your business with custom lanyards

How to start branding your business with custom lanyards

We live in a really competitive marketplace, so there is a good chance that whatever your business delivers, there will be another one around the corner that delivers exactly the same thing. So what you need to do is make sure that your business stands out from the crowd.

How you can look different from the rest

You need to shout about your unique selling point (USP). Your USP is what will make you stand out, encouraging prospective customers to choose you over one of your competitors. For example, do you go out of your way to make or source only ethically-based products? Have you got a business that has been family owned and operated for generations? Does your business make the best burgers in town because of that ‘special’ secret homemade recipe that delivers a knock-out taste? Whatever area or industry your business operates in, promoting your USP will attract attention and turn sales. The more exposure your business can get, the greater your prospects will be, and it does not need to be that expensive to do it.

Custom lanyards are affordable

There are lots of marketing channels to tap into, but marketing budgets do not always stretch as far as businesses would like them to, and this is where custom lanyards hold their own. They are a really inexpensive, yet often overlooked marketing option. As simple as it seems, a coloured and woven cord placed around the neck makes a perfect mobile marketing tool for creating interest in your business and strengthening your brand’s identity. A custom lanyard is an affordable game-changer that will make your business look polished and deliver that competitive edge.


Cleverly market your brand’s USP

An eye-catching custom lanyard with a great logo and USP, is perfect for customer-facing employees, networking events, trade shows and countless other public or social gatherings for effectively getting your business message across. Custom lanyards come in a range of colours, so it’s very easy to choose one in keeping with your brand colour scheme and advertise what makes your business special. You can opt to have them preprinted  or you can choose to design your own .

Adding a badge holder attachment in a bright and bold colour looks slick and professional, or you can make a really powerful statement by attaching hand sanitiser to your custom lanyard. Your custom lanyard will grab attention and highlight your brand in a simple, cheap but very effective way.

At Just Lanyards, we are customer-focused every step of the way. Try our interactive visual tool and bring your custom lanyard to life before placing your order. Alternatively, we have bags of experience designing and printing custom lanyards as well as many other products, so we can produce the visual for you. Call 01257 483587 and we will help you get your business onto the next level with smart, affordable advertising.