How can branded lanyards benefit your business?

How can branded lanyards benefit your business?

Lanyards are a great tool for any business to use. Not only are they practical in terms of giving staff somewhere convenient to carry ID cards but they are also great in terms of helping your business grow. Of course, you could opt to order plain lanyards for employees and use them with no problem at all, but many companies choose to order branded lanyards instead. Available in any colour you like, these lanyards can be customised to include your company name and your logo.

Naturally, branded lanyards look fabulous, which will encourage staff to wear them. But what other benefits do they bring to a business?

Help to build brand identity

Building a strong brand which people recognise and engage with is key to success in the modern business world. There are many ways you can achieve this but using banded lanyards is one of the cheapest and most effective. Having your logo, brand colours and brand name on show when staff are serving customers or moving about your premises helps to cement your business in people’s memory. If staff also choose to keep their lanyards on when shopping before work, heading out for a lunchtime walk or going into town after work, the brand-building potential is even better. This is because your business will be getting free exposure to more consumers as your employees move about.

Helps to build team spirit and professionalism

As well as building a vibrant brand, making sure that the team you have behind it are all pulling together is vital. Branded lanyards can help with this by giving people a sense of togetherness and of being part of a team. Branded lanyards are also superb for helping people feel proud of the company they work for. This will, in turn, see them perform better. When you also add in that lanyards like this look more professional and present a better image to the public, it is clear how effective they can be.

Great for networking and customer loyalty

Networking with other companies in your area is a fantastic way to drum up more business. Branded lanyards can help here as they make the perfect conversation starter at networking events. People may see your brand on the lanyard and come over to ask more about it or say they recognise it, for example. This, in turn, can lead to fruitful B2B relationships and more leads. Branded lanyards also look smart and will create a good impression with other business professionals.

These type of lanyards are also excellent for building customer loyalty. As they are great value for money and can be ordered in bulk, you can have a supply to give away to existing clients. Having something useful for free will create a good impression and mean your brand is always at hand when they need your services.

Order great value branded lanyards with Just Lanyards

Here at Just Lanyards, we have been helping businesses achieve more with branded lanyards since 2001. Our easy to use online tool will have you coming up with the perfect design in no time at all – if you need help, we are always on hand too. Call today on 01257 483 587 for more details.