Using Lanyards UK for Fundraising and Charities

Using Lanyards UK for Fundraising and Charities

Lanyards are a beautiful addition to every occasion, whether formal or informal. Regarding their application, they can stimulate your efforts and portray you as organised and professional. This post looks at how lanyards UK can be utilised for fundraising and charity events.
Put in mind that these two activities frequently gather several people from different backgrounds, including CEOs and celebrities.
Fundraising is one of the most crucial aspects of managing or volunteering for a non-profit agency. The good news is that our branded lanyards can significantly aid your fundraising efforts. Without donations given back to charity, the entire organisation would probably cease to exist.
Lanyards can support your fundraising goals in several ways, regardless of the cause you’re supporting, whether animal rights or breast cancer awareness.

Charity Events in the UK

Every charity hosts a number of planned events throughout the year that are expressly designed to raise money so they can keep doing what they do. Sometimes, people choose to create their initiatives in addition to these planned events to generate donations for the charity of their choice. Examples of annual top charity events in the UK that raise millions of British pounds include:
• British Heart Foundation
• Cancer Research UK – Race For Life
• Christmas Jumper Day
• Movember
• Moonwalk
Sometimes, a charity event may require physical activities such as running a few kilometres or cycling 54 miles from each participant. Others are available to everyone, such as wearing a holiday cardigan to work or a social event in return for a small payment to charity. Using customised products like lanyards for some of these events is more appropriate than others.
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How UK Lanyards Can Help Your Fundraising Strategies

#1 Using UK Lanyards for Charity Events

Charity events may not last for too long. Racing is a typical example of a charity event in which lanyards can be more practical and useful.
Sports that pump one’s adrenaline, like climbing the hills or cycling, are popular because many people enjoy the challenge. And as a result, charities organise bundles that include overnight accommodations, luggage transportation, and route assistance to make the challenges available to a large number of individuals.
Some uses of customised charity lanyards are identification & access and transportation of luggage. By taking advantage of our custom lanyards, you can ensure this is well taken care of.
Personalised lanyards are surely indispensable when there are many people whose luggage have been transferred or stayed at the hotel. In addition to being used as access to facilities, personalised lanyards can help people identify their luggage. However, you can choose from environmentally friendly (PET lanyards), plain lanyards or pre-printed lanyards options.

#2 UK Lanyards to Generate Income

Selling lanyards at charity events is also a great way of generating income for your fundraising goals. Nowadays, a lot of businesses have humanitarian plans and guidelines, which occasionally entail supporting a selected charity for about one year.
By partnering up with these businesses and organisations, you allow your foundation to distribute and market branded lanyards to raise money through donations. This strategy is excellent because your charity gets paid. At the same time, the business can brag about its commitment for charity.
That said, another way lanyards can promote your fundraising scheme is that you can always distribute them for free at any events you attend. Whether you’re hosting one or a guest, printing your charity on these lanyards will help promote. This way, people may pledge donations to your non-profit organisation sooner or later.

#3 UK Lanyards for Night-Time Events

Usually, the days are shorter throughout the wintertime. However, fundraising never ceases as donors are essential to charities.
Leveraging reflective lanyards as part of your fundraising methods during winter is the perfect option you can opt for. With their shiny reflective nature, everyone can be safe оn ѕроnѕоrеd wаlkѕ оr hоmеlеѕѕ sleep outs.
Moreover, these lanyards can promote your brand and charity name in addition to being used as a fashion statement.

#4 Show Who Has Donated

As simple as this trick is, it’s really sneaky and valid. The idea is you can introduce coloured lanyards only to donors at a fundraising event, indicating how much they’ve contributed.
So, you can designate whatever colour choice to denote a class of each person or group. For instance, people who donate between £‎10 – £‎50 can have white lanyards, between £‎50 – £‎100 can have yellow, and anyone who donates above £‎1000 can have a golden lanyard.
While your goal is not to introduce confusions, people who have donated the most can walk around with pride. Others who have not yet donated or given so little will feel intimidated and might empty their pockets.

During the Event or After the Event?

During the event. The truth is that the influence of promotional items like lanyards during a charity event tends to be direct. During the event, people can feel more motivated and willing to donate even large amounts of money.
After the event, this is more valid for leaving a lasting impression after the event. In addition to reinforcing your charity name, donors will help you with branding by displaying the items wherever they go.
So, the choice is yours to choose whether to use lanyards during or after an event.

Customisable Lanyards UK for Fundraising and Charity

There are loads of options to choose from if you need customisable lanyards for fundraising and charity purposes. You can have them customised in the colours, charity name, and branding of your choice.
Whether you plan to use them for fundraising purposes, marketing strategies, or giveaway prizes, we have quality materials to make this happen without wasting your time.
Enhance your brand identity and start raising funds more cost-effectively today. Contact us for a bespoke quote that works for your needs.