What is a Lanyard and what is it used for?

Lanyard Uses

Lanyards are a decorative piece of fabric worn around the neck which incorporates clips and attachments which enable the wearer to have to hand identification passes or security passes. They can also be used to hold keys, mobile phones, pens, watches or indeed any other item that has a loop where it can be clipped to and carried with ease making it readily available.

In general businesses predominantly choose to have their lanyards customised with their company name and logo, this can be done by choosing a lanyard in the company’s corporate colours and adding text and logos to one or both sides. A printed lanyard also doubles up on security as employees are easily recognised from a distance that they belong to a specific company or department within that company.

Company printed lanyards with security passes attached enable employees to move freely around the building without the need for ringing door bells or wasting other employee’s time letting them in. Not only is a lanyard a silent security guard is shows great corporate image for the company whilst an employee is out and about on business. conferences, meetings and exhibitions are extremely popular places where lanyards are used for entry along with an ID pass and can be sponsored by an exhibitor to help their exposure to all who enter.