Why Printed Lanyards Works For Businesses

business lanyards

Printed lanyards are a fabulous tool that can boost your brand and strengthen your business. We know, it’s easy to assume they don’t really DO much; they’re such simple things, after all. But lanyards don’t simply give your staff an extremely simple way of carrying their ID cards. They can also provide huge benefits that help you grow your business.

Of course, if all you’re after are practical benefits, you can order plain lanyards for your employees to use, and leave it at that. But why not take full advantage of everything these simple little contraptions can offer? After all, you’re already buying them; you may as well get them with your custom logo and company name printed on your brand colours.

The printed lanyard has the obvious natural benefit of looking awesome, which encourages your staff to actually wear them. But beyond that, here’s why printed lanyards work for businesses.

They build a strong brand identity.

brand ideaThe key to any successful modern business is a strong brand that is easily recognised and engaging for potential customers. There are lots of great ways to achieve brand recognition, but the use of printed lanyards is one of the most effective (not to mention cheapest) ways of promoting your brand in a very prominent way. A lanyard gives you a chance to show off your brand colours, company name, and logo, in a very understated yet impossible-to-ignore way. Staff serving customers, or simply walking around your premises wearing your lanyards, are a very subtle way of cementing your company in the minds of anyone who sees them.

As your staff will often nip out of the office for lunch, head into town for meetings, and even socialise after work while wearing your lanyards, they have even greater potential for raising brand awareness. Essentially, they offer you free brand exposure everywhere your staff go.

They encourage professionalism and team spirit.

Part of a truly vibrant brand is a team who are fully behind it and working together. Printed lanyards are a great way to give your team that sense of ‘togetherness’. They’re also a superb way to instil a sense of pride for their company in your staff. All of this will result in better team performance. As an added extra bonus, lanyards look incredibly professional and help your team present a great image to the public.

They’re perfect for creating customer loyalty and networking.

NetworkingWhen it comes to building customer loyalty, lanyards also offer you a great, cost-effective way to give something to existing clients. Ordering in bulk allows for a very low price per lanyard, and you always have something useful that you can give away for free that will leave the lasting impression that your brand is always around when needed.

They’re also very handy to have on-hand while networking with other local businesses. This is a great way of finding new customers and opportunities. People’s eyes will naturally be drawn to your lanyard, prompting them to ask questions about your brand – who you are, what you do, etc. This can quickly turn into a fruitful relationship that generates leads, all the while keeping you looking smart to ensure that all-important first impression is positive.