5 ideas for quirky personalised lanyard and face mask combos


When we entered 2020, the last fashion accessory we thought would appear, would be face masks. Covid regulations have meant that we have all had to incorporate face masks to our everyday lives, which has left many of us wondering how we can jazz them up a bit. In the same way, as we wear a uniform to work and make a statement with jewellery, face masks are an extension of us and what we stand for. They are just as much part of our identity for the foreseeable future as anything else we wear. Because of this, it is a good idea to add some personality to your face mask. If you wear a lanyard and face mask to work or for another element of your everyday life, why not pair up the two for a winning combination? Here are five ideas for quirky personalised lanyard and face mask combos…

1) Style it up with your logo

If you are working, you will need your logo to be part of your uniform to represent the business. But why not tie this in with a personalised lanyard and face mask? By incorporating the logo onto both you are guaranteed a great and quirky way to style it up and also market the business at the same time!

2) Add photos of your face

This could be a funny one to do and is all the more eye-catching too! With a mask people can’t see your whole face, so why not give them the full picture and adorn your mask with images of you? This way you will show people your full face profile, attract some attention and also style it up.

3) Make it unique

There are so many unique and personalised ways you can jazz up your lanyard and face mask combinations. Why not adorn them with something that is unique to your own personality? It could be that you choose to personalise them with your favourite foods, or even some written facts about you! By making it unique, it can teach others a little about you.

cartoon4) Personalise it with your favourite book or cartoon images

If you love a certain TV show or book, why not get this printed onto your lanyard and mask? It could be anything from Harry Potter to Game of Thrones or Batman! Whatever you decide, it is a great way of ensuring your lanyard and mask doesn’t get mixed up with anyone else’s!

5) Personalise it with jokes or puns

While you might get some looks on the tube, or when out and about, this is a great way to ensure your mask and lanyard are a completely different design. You could personalise your face mask with jokes, then personalise your lanyard with the punch lines! Not only will it generate some laughs, but you will never be stuck what to say if you’re in company and want to make someone smile!

These are just a few ideas for quirky personalised lanyard and face mask combos. Which is your favourite?