4 factors to consider when designing your own lanyard

4 factors to consider when designing your own lanyard

Lanyards are the ideal piece of kit to help market your business and make your employees feel part of a team. They are also very handy for giving them somewhere to carry ID badges around with them on-site too! When you also factor in how important lanyards are when employees network, it is clear to see the benefits they offer. While you could opt to use plain lanyards, a lot of companies now design their own custom products instead. This is due to custom lanyards enabling you to put your own text, logo, graphics and company colours on for brand building.

But just what should you consider when doing this?

1. Make it consistent with your brand

All modern businesses will have a range of marketing channels across which they promote their brand. From social media to a company blog, your website, your letterheaded paper and more, this is true. It is key to understand that lanyards are another marketing channel for your brand. With this in mind, you must make your lanyard design consistent with all other channels. Do not, for example, use a totally different logo or new company colours which are not in keeping with everything else. This will bewilder your customers and lead to brand confusion.

4 factors to consider when designing your own lanyard2. Keep it simple

The beauty with branded lanyards is that you can add whatever text or graphics you like onto them. Be careful not to go overboard here though and cram too much information all over it. As with other marketing resources like flyers, it is better to keep it simple and uncluttered. This will make the information that is on your lanyards easier to take in and more memorable.

3. Think about the text font and colour

As we have already noted, designing your own lanyard allows you to add text onto the product itself. One key consideration when doing this is the font you use and the text size. You naturally want the text to be small enough to fit on the lanyard properly but big enough to read easily. In terms of colour, do not make the mistake of setting your text colour and the colour of the lanyard itself as the same shade. This will make your text impossible to read!

4. Think about what material you will use

Another key design decision when coming up with your own lanyard is the material it will be made from. Various materials will offer different things in terms of looks and cost. You must make sure that the material you go for fits your businesses criteria. Flat polyester lanyards, for example, are great if you are working to a tight budget while woven lanyards are highly durable.

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