5 reasons why technology will never make lanyards obsolete

5 reasons why technology will never make lanyards obsolete

Lanyards are a common sight in workplaces, town centres and at events. They’ve been around for years and are here to stay no matter how far technology advances. Here are 5 reasons why:

Identification at a glance

Yes, technology can identify us by our fingerprints or a scan of our faces, but nothing can signal information about someone faster than a lanyard. For example, it only takes a glance to recognise an NHS worker when they are wearing their familiar blue lanyard with its white NHS logo. In sectors where it is vitally important that people’s roles/organisation can be identified quickly, lanyards are commonplace. They are used by emergency services, universities, schools etc and you can also buy pre-printed versions that signal important roles such as ‘first aid’ or ‘security.’ You can also use a lanyard to raise awareness for a chosen charity or cause. Lanyards help people within organisations too as it can be helpful to identify others that work in the same offices when you see them out and about – it also saves having to ask awkward questions.

Always hands-free

There’s no need to fumble about in your wallet or dig into your back pocket when you’re wearing a lanyard. It’s there, hung around your neck meaning your hands are always free. This makes them ideal for kids’ activities such as camping trips or adventure weekends. Unlike tech, it doesn’t matter if lanyards get wet or dirty as they are easy to clean and durable.

Lanyards are fun!

Who doesn’t love a lanyard? They come in a range of bright colours and when it comes to design, there are no limits. You can bring your brand to life and leave a lasting impression with the right lanyard.

Impossible to lose

It is easy to lose a form of ID that’s the size of a credit card – how many times have you mislaid your season ticket or your store cards? When you are wearing a lanyard, it’s impossible to misplace, and that gives you more headspace for things that matter. You’re also going to avoid the headaches that come with losing your work ID like trips to the security office, having to use a guest pass and often, not being able to enter certain doors in the building.

Lanyards last for ages

Lanyards are hard wearing and if you are running events like trade shows, concerts or a school activity, you can buy re-usable plain lanyards so that guests and participants can be handed an ID tag. You can use these tags time and time again. They can be for VIP members at a gig, a way to identify students in a group or colour-coded versions can be used at sports day or competitions. They are much more convenient than having to wear a name badge!

So you see, it doesn’t matter how advanced technology becomes because there is always a place for lanyards.