4 ways to use branded lanyards to improve your brand recognition

branded lanyards recognition

Looking for an effective way to market your business without a large budget? Personalised lanyards are just what you need to build brand recognition easily!

1. Choose your brand colours wisely

One really simple way to build brand recognition is to create lanyards that incorporate your company colours. You can do this with ease via our online personalisation tool, where you can select from a spectrum of colours or upload your exact brand colours by using your Pantone reference. Doing this will help to actively market your business as your staff are more likely to be recognised. Whichever way you choose to design your new lanyards, make sure to incorporate your brand colours so that they fit in well with your overall marketing.

2. Remember to add your logologo

Once the base colour of your lanyard is decided, you need to personalise them. When buying lanyards for traditional identification methods, the most popular choice is often to design the lanyard with a simple label i.e ‘visitor’ or ‘staff’. However, displaying your logo is vital when working to increase brand recognition. You can easily add a logo when using our online tool, but it’s up to you to decide if you would like a repeating logo to help increase the visibility of it, or if you’d prefer to display it once along with your text to assist in identifying who the person is.

3. Wear them out and about!

So, you’ve now provided a set of impressive branded lanyards to your workforce, what’s next? Encouraging staff to wear lanyards around your place of work will give a great impression to those visiting your premises, but what about when you are out of the office? It’s good to make sure that your team are wearing branded lanyards when travelling on behalf of your business. This approach goes a long way in proving to prospective customers who you are and building trust, which is crucial for encouraging positive brand recognition. Whether you’re attending a webinar online, you’re at an event or visiting a client’s office, ask staff to wear their lanyards to help get the most return on your investment.

4. Reflect the quality of your business in your branded lanyards

Because the whole point of investing in lanyards is not only to serve as ID but also for building up brand image, it’s key that your lanyards reflect your business well. What do we mean? If you opt for low-quality lanyards, it will be obvious and reflect on your company badly. Everything your business is connected to should be high quality and professional at the very first glance; without knowing it, you could be communicating to your customer that your company takes professionalism seriously, building brand recognition with very minimal effort.

Get your business noticed with branded lanyards today. You can start designing yours using our uncomplicated online design tool now!