Why Branded Lanyards Are A Perfect Personalised Marketing Gift

marketing lanyards

We all love a freebie, right? That’s why when you are planning your marketing campaigns, gifting freebies to your loyal and potential customers makes them feel appreciated. Not only are personalised lanyards cheap, but they are also stylish, practical, and fun to wear.

At Just Lanyards, we provide a wide range of designs that can be 100% personalised to meet your specific needs. You can choose from one of our many pre-printed lanyards or design your very own. You will even have the option to upload your company logo too!

Here are some of the reasons why personalised lanyards should be in your next marketing campaign to make great gifts.

Brand Recognition

Personalised lanyards work incredibly well as a marketing gift, much more so than a business card would. To put it simply, personalised lanyards are a great way of getting free advertising. Think of it this way, how many industries and people can you think of that can make use of lanyards? Now imagine how many people they will meet every day. Pop these bright lanyards around the necks of as many people as possible and there you have it – brand visibility!

When you next have a conference or marketing event booked, there are many different ways to get people wearing your company branded lanyards. For instance, you could arrange with the event holder (if that’s not your company) to pop each attendee’s name into one of your lanyards to hand out on arrival. Additionally, if you have a stall at an event, you could hand them out to everyone who passes by or interacts with your stall.

Versatile & Practical

Not only do lanyards look incredibly stylish but they are also versatile and practical. We provide a range of different lanyard accessories from hand sanitiser bottles to ID cardholders.

Complements Other Giveaways

If you are planning to give away a bundle of promotional products, then adding a personalised lanyard to the mix would be a great idea. Lanyards make the perfect addition to give away in a bundle of office supplies, USB sticks, clothing, and so on.

Cheap Personalised Lanyards

Does your company spend a lot on marketing? A big benefit for many companies is being able to order promotional products for a good price. At Just Lanyards, our personalised lanyards are affordable for businesses who don’t want to go over the top.

Our lanyards offer a wide range of customisable options to suit any budget. With us, where you will save on pennies, you won’t be losing on quality. You can also bulk buy our lanyards to bring down your marketing costs even further.

If you are looking into personalised lanyards for your business, we provide an extensive range of different designs. All our designs can be tailored to suit your specific needs. Whether you are ordering in bulk for a big event or ordering a few for your staff, we have you covered.

Why not order the perfect marketing gift to show your appreciation to your loyal and potential customers? You can also gift them to your employees and business partners to show them too.