Essential tips for personalised lanyards

personalised lanyards for charities

So, you’ve made the wise decision to get personalised lanyards for your organisation. But, in order to get the most from these custom-made accessories, follow these essential tips to ensure your lanyards are spot-on.

Personalisation choices

One of the most important things to think about when getting personalised lanyards is how to make them unique to your business or brand, in a way that will be effective and eye-catching.

Your personalised lanyards should be able to identify the people who wear them, whether by name, department or brand, so choose colours, text type and logos that are truly representative of the users or your brand image. The lanyards should be easy to read or recognise, even from a distance, for maximum impact, so keep designs, text and colours as simple as possible.

brandReflect your brand

The way in which you personalise your lanyards can help to reflect who you are as a business, in subtle ways that can register with those that see them. So aside from thinking about logos and text relevant to your business, think about other key elements that describe who you are and introduce them on your lanyards. For example, if you work in a formal sector and want to exude a highly professional image, a personalised lanyard in a classic text font and a neutral colour will work wonders to evoke this kind of image. On the other hand, if your brand considers itself as fun, creative and forward-thinking, you could opt for a less formal style of font, and a more playful choice of colour combinations on the lanyard.

Think long-term

Although getting personalised lanyards created can prove a really cost-effective option for businesses, you can help to lower those all-important costs even further by ensuring your lanyards offer excellent longevity. Therefore, think about how much long-term value you’ll get from the way your lanyards will be personalised. For example, if you’re looking to undergo a major rebranding imminently, you might not get much long-term use out of personalised lanyards that reflect your current company logo. Either wait until you’ve finished rebranding, or personalise your lanyards in another way that will offer them durability.

Choose a quality provider

Because you’ll be adding text, colour or images to your lanyards to personalise them, it’s important that the end result looks good, and that the personalised printed elements are clear and sharp. For this reason, it’s especially important to choose a personalised lanyard provider with a proven track record for creating high-quality products, using effective printing methods.

Think about material choice

The beauty of getting your lanyards personalised is that, as well as deciding on colour and text, you can also choose which type of material to opt for. This is actually an important consideration when getting your lanyards professionally created, as it can have a big impact on overall costs, as well as durability. For instance, some materials are stronger and, therefore, last longer than others, so are ideal if your lanyards are going to be put through their paces on a daily basis.

If you need any more tips and advice on creating the perfect personalised lanyards, then we are the ones to turn to at Just Lanyards.