Set yourself apart from the crowd with a personalised lanyard

crowd lanyard

Whether you work in business, events, healthcare, sport, education, or the arts, lanyards are a useful and important addition to the workplace. Enhancing your company’s security, a lanyard is designed to identify staff members and add a sense of professionalism to your brand. They are great for meeting clients outside of the office and are regularly used as promotional items at large conferences. Offering ease and convenience, they are also a great way to store access cards.

In order to truly set your company apart from the rest, personalised lanyards are a great choice. While many businesses opt for plain colours, a customisable lanyard enables you to showcase your brand name and logo. Choose from a range of colours and styles to suit your preferences. This way, your clients will easily identify your team members.

With a variety of exciting options to choose from, our personalised service is very easy to use. Create your own lanyards online by selecting from a wide range of colours, materials, and designs.

In order to help find the right lanyard for your company, we have rounded up some of our favourite tips when it comes to personalised lanyards.

Unique designs

When choosing a design for your lanyard it’s important that it reflects your brand too. From the moment a client arrives for a meeting, they will begin to form an opinion about your company. This why it’s so important to find a lanyard that successfully represents the organisation. If you have a specific logo in mind, you may wish to include that in your designs, along with the right colour to match. Ensure that your logo and company name are readable with good quality prints. Rather than choosing one single colour, you can blend a number of different shades together. Dye sublimation is another popular choice, adding a little flair to your company. Not only will it stand out but it will also make your colleagues easy to identify.

Durable materials

From hospitals to schools and everything in between, it’s very important to find lanyards that are both durable and practical. After choosing a design, you will need to find a material to match. When it comes to our lanyards, we offer a choice of knitted fabric, nylon, polyester, or satin. Using the highest quality materials and prints, the lanyards are designed to last. Depending on the type of industry you are in, you can also customise the length of the lanyard to ensure that it is easy to work with.

Useful attachments

In order to make your lanyards truly unique, why not choose an attachment too. We offer a number of attachments from mini hand sanitiser bottles to printed ski pass badge reels. These types of attachments are designed to help make your job a little easier. Perhaps you require PVC wallets or a plastic ID card holders to gain access to the building. Either way, these attachments are a useful addition to your lanyard. With something to suit all of your business needs, these attachments are also easy to use and simple to attach.