What are plain lanyards used for?

plain lanyards

Plain lanyards are fantastic accessories for your organisation to have access to as you can use them for a number of different things on different occasions; all you need to do is swap the attachments. There’s no limit to the number of ways that you can use plain lanyards, but we’ve compiled a short list of occasions where plain lanyards could come in handy.

Trade shows

Organisations, programmes and companies often get together a couple of times annually to exhibit their latest services and products in the form of a trade show. The floor of the show is filled with guests and vendors who will all be required to carry a name tag and information about the company or organisation that they are affiliated with. A plain lanyard is a handy accessory to hand out during trade shows so that vendors can easily identify guests and security can check ID tags quickly without people having to rummage around in their wallets.

school plain lanyardsSchool events

From nursery school to high school, plain lanyards will help parent chaperones, volunteers and teachers keep track of all the students attending an excursion or field trip. Plain lanyards are handy for carrying name tags for students so that you can identify any child that might go missing or to simply learn their names more quickly. Assigning students into groups with colour-coded lanyards is also a great way to make school functions such as sports competitions and field trips run more smoothly.

Concerts and festivals

If you’re organising a concert or a festival, keeping track of attendees by handing out ID lanyards for VIP members, band members, technicians, roadies and people with backstage passes will ensure that only authorised personnel are accessing restricted areas and ensure that your venue and artists are guaranteed privacy and security at all times.

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