Do college & university students wear lanyards?

students wearing lanyards

For students at both college and university, lanyards are a staple part of daily attire – in fact, outside of conferences there’s probably no other time in their life when they’re going to collect so many. So when it comes to branding, there’s no better place to start with student merch than a lanyard – and here’s why:

They’re an easy identifier

For first-year students at university or newcomers to college, lanyards can be used to identify older students or even volunteers they can look to for help and guidance. This is especially the case at events and during the first few weeks, where the use of coloured lanyards can be a great way for students to spot people who can help them as they find their feet. Lanyards in university or college colours can also be used for students working on campus to show their status without the need for uniform or branded clothing.

school plain lanyardsLanyards are a collector’s item

Much like festival wristbands, some university and college students make collecting lanyards part of the fun. For dedicated educational events, trips and student parties, different lanyards can be a great way to show off all the things they’ve done – preferably hung up for all to see in their dorm room or bedroom at home when and where possible—the more colours, logos and designs, the better, in the case of collectors.

For on-campus ID

The identification and security of students on campus are more important than ever. With some buildings now requiring key cards to enter, lanyards are as practical as they are easy to use. Being able to have their ID on display for the time they’re on campus is an easy and quick way for security to identify who they are and what they’re doing there.

For keeping keys and belongings safe

For students living on-campus, a lanyard is a great place to store a key card or access key for their flat or house. After all, it’s challenging to lose what’s attached to you. Branded lanyards can be a great way to both represent their university lanyards or college lanyards as well as act as an identifier if their keys do get lost. With their school’s name on them, they’re far more likely to wind up in security instead of being lost forever.

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